Apr 19, 2010

Beginner Cosplayer

Not to say I'm a experienced Cosplayer *coughs*.. but this is just something that I would like to share to those who are planning to join us ^^

Firstly, understand what is COSPLAY... search through wiki or sort..
Cosplay is basically costume play.
Where you get to put on costume and portray the character.
.. cosplay is cosplay

Secondly, list out the reasons why you want to cosplay.
This can help you to find your main objective to cosplay.
..because I love to DIY stuffs

Thirdly, decide who you want to cosplay.
actually I do really encourage you to choose your most favorite character.
but since you're still new.. just choose those character that is simple would be fine.
..I started off as high school student.. Inoue Orihime

Lastly, do research.
Understand your character.. their characteristic, outfit, behavior, poses, etc..
.. I actually did research on cosplay for a year before I actually joined in XD

Feb 20, 2010

The Clothing Ideas

Tie an Obi by paperwings
Wear a Kimono by japanesekimono.com
Draft a Kimono Pattern by Taeliac

How to make Yukata by Amparo Betram

How to make Hakama by Sarcasm-hime
Hakama Pattern by Sarcasm-hime

Sleeves patterns by Hariet Pepin

Boots Covers made simple by Sarcasm-hime
Naruto Sandal Tutorial by Lizspain2

The Weapon Collections

SelfBows by Dean Torges

Swordmaking Guides
by Chioky

Fumma Shuriken by Amethyst-Angel

The Accessories Box

Orihime hairpins by Ryea


EyePatch Tutorial by Ryea

The Armour Making