Dec 13, 2009

Neko Tail in 10 simple steps


10 simple steps to make yourself a moving neko tail.

1. Measure the length from hip to foot.
2. Adjust the width according to the diameter.
3. Sew both side together
4. Cut off the remaining fabric.
5. Start stuffing in the cotton
6. Pus the cotton to the end using chopstick or something long and thin.
7. Tie the end with a strong thread.
8. Make a curve at the front tail and sew it with fishing thread.
9. Sew a long fishing thread at the tip of the tail.
10. Attach the tail to a rubber strap.

That's all ..!! You can now wear the tail and control it using the long fish string that is attached to the tail .
just as easy as that !!