Apr 19, 2010

Beginner Cosplayer

Not to say I'm a experienced Cosplayer *coughs*.. but this is just something that I would like to share to those who are planning to join us ^^

Firstly, understand what is COSPLAY... search through wiki or sort..
Cosplay is basically costume play.
Where you get to put on costume and portray the character.
.. cosplay is cosplay

Secondly, list out the reasons why you want to cosplay.
This can help you to find your main objective to cosplay.
..because I love to DIY stuffs

Thirdly, decide who you want to cosplay.
actually I do really encourage you to choose your most favorite character.
but since you're still new.. just choose those character that is simple would be fine.
..I started off as high school student.. Inoue Orihime

Lastly, do research.
Understand your character.. their characteristic, outfit, behavior, poses, etc..
.. I actually did research on cosplay for a year before I actually joined in XD


Cosplay said...

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code 33 said...

Nice words for new cosplayers, and I too would encourage anime enthusiasts to try it too.

I started only as a photographer in several cosplay events, and then through continuous exposure, I suddenly felt like I want to cosplay too, and until now I'm hooked.

Now I even have a network of my own, visit our network here: cosplay and camera