Dec 12, 2008

Orihime Hairpins

It's really easy and cheap to DIY a pair of Orihime hairpins..

1. Get your self a orihime hair pin reference and crop the flower out in PS and print it out.

2. Print it with different sizes so that you get to choose a suitable size.

3. Cut the flower out.

4. As you can see, the paper is very thin and can folded easily.

5. Trace the shape twice or many many time on art paper to make it thicker.

6. Cut the traced flower out.

7. There you go..

8. Paste the traced flowers together.. any glue would be fine for this.

9. Place a toothpick across 2 of the petals and paste them with a super glue.
(this is the other side of the traced paper I used)

10. Place the original flower on top of it .

11. Make sure it sticks on it perfectly.

12. Notice that there are spaces between the original and the base (bcos of the toothpicks).

13. Use your finger nail gently press on the side of the petals to make them stick on the base.

14. This is how it should look like.. no spaces in between and look kinda 3D.

15. Saw those extra base, just cut them off to make the flower look more neat.

16. Time to stick the hair pin with the flower.

17. Just take any this kind of hair pin found in your house and turn them into a silver pin.

18. By using a silver marker pen and paint over it.

19. Adjust the pin where you want it to be.. and stick it with super glue.

20. Let it dry for a while before proceeding the next step.

21. Colour the back of the base with the silver marker and also recolor the hairpin.

22. OK it's done.. for a Orihime hair pin.. we need a pair !

23. Repeat the steps again to obtain another Orihime hair pin.

24. And WE'RE DONE !!~~

This is how it looks like.. Don't they look like the real ones though it looks bigger X3..

** I can't promise it will stay in good condition for a whole day.. just be careful when you're using.
** I recommend you guys to use a super super stick glue so that it won't fall apart.
** And please be very careful when you're using super glue.. I have hard time to wash off the gule .. sobs sobs..
** This simple tutorial is also suitable for any other hair pin.

Anyways, hope my tutorial helps !!~ =3