Oct 8, 2009

How to Defrizz Synthetic Wig

Hey guys.. I have something awesome to share with you guys !!~
Having problem with your frizzy wig??

I found Jeez Louise method and it works pretty well..
She uses Iron Curler but I'm using Iron .. kindly visit her blog if you choose to use curler.

TRY THIS ON YOUR RISK !!(using Iron)
1. Set your IRON to the lowest heat. (my iron has setting for nylon)
2. Grab the part of frizzy wig.
3. Try detangle them the best you could.
4. Spray some water on it.
5. Prepare yourself as you might ruin the wig.
6. Run the Iron across a paper to test the heat.
7. Place the Iron on the wig then pull the wig across it.
8. Quickly repeat step 3 to 7 again until it's totally defrizz completely.
9. Now move on to the next frizzy part.
10. Continue and you're DONE =D

**NOTE :
i. Never set your Iron temp too high.
ii. Start by small portion.
iii. If you want a curly wig, use a round wig comb and comb it right after being ironed.
iv. Steam Iron are not recommended.
V. Needs lots of time and patient.

And surprising it WORKS !!!

Though there's still a tiny frizzy part but it's whole lot better than before..


Earl said...

Wigs frizzes due to wear and tear, that is why, regular maintenance is essential. When ironing your wigs, you should use the lowest heat settings to prevent further damage on the material.

With my collection of styled women's wigs, I never forget to maintain them and place them on their respective wig heads, so I can reuse and restyle them to my liking.

xdeath_bunnyx said...

By iron do you mean the iron you use on clothes and stuff? o_O?